Plot your empire and speak your truth

Cue Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” and ready yourself for straight talking, legacy leaving and empire building when Mercury enters Capricorn on December 6, 2022. There it will remain in all of its staunch, strategic glory until Feb 11, 2023.

Named for the wing soled, bare chested Roman god of messages, Mercury rules thought process and communication. When the planet falls in the shrewd earth sign of Capricorn, our thoughts and expressions incline toward the grounded and the strategic. Mercury in Capricorn asks us, what are we building and what is the first tangible step on the path to that becoming?

Capricorn is serious daddy energy, it’s here to roll up its sleeves, double knot its work boots, make us second guess our hair cuts and resumes, and ultimately inspire us all to be better, speak truer and not let niceties get in the way of progress and power. The spirit here is rational and it pours out and over our cognition and interaction with others. It’s dry and a little sharp, not unlike a handmade clay shiv or a stone rubbing.

Influence of Mercury in Capricorn

Business partners planning new strategies in startup office. Young business colleagues brainstorming new ideas on a white board at office.
Mercury in Capricorn is about concrete communication and laying the groundwork for empires yet to be built.
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Mercury in Capricorn wants very badly for people to get to the point and get their s**t together.

Mercury in Cap is not dreamy, no whiff of whimsy, it never tips on the tax amount and is ever keeping a roving eye on the next ten steps. With a narrowed focus and a nose to the grindstone it’s hard to see the dinosaurs playing badminton in the clouds, but that’s alright because the grind is laying the groundwork for enduring success.

What Mercury in Capricorn lacks in flowery language and overt charm, it more than makes up for in stable, sustained, go getting. The timing of this transit is also a boon to humanity as it coincides with the onset of a New Year, offering us the opportunity to plan, plot and make progress in incremental but impactful ways. It’s fitting that this is the time of year people make resolutions, join gyms and attempt post holiday sobriety as Mercury in Capricorn wants very badly for people to get to the point and get their s**t together.

It is no coincidence that Capricorn and capitalist share the same root as this is the sign of the business man, the empire builder and when all that work is done and all that cash stacked, the sign of the rock n roller. Case in point Elvis ‘taking care of business’ Presley.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

Business people working in high-end modern office
The prodigious energy of Mercury in Capricorn will be stalled when the planet stations retrograde.
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Yet, as in life, buffets and talent shows, it ain’t all good folks. Neigh, Mercury is giving us all the proverbial middle finger when it goes retrograde in Capricorn from December 29-January 18, 2023. This backspin signifies we will be closing the year and beginning the new with a lot of head shaking, missed connections, accidental insults and frustrations surrounding communication.

Retrogrades spotlight the areas of life governed by the sign it is backspinning through. When Mercury retrogrades through Capricorn the focus shifts to our public image, career trajectory and ultimate aspirations. As a result, hinderances and upsets especially those proximate to work and the power dynamics of authority are possible.

Close up of a group of business people having a meeting in a conference room
Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is an invitation to explore power dynamics and our response to them.
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Retrogrades are rough but they are also rife with possibility and this one is no exception as it urges us to consider our professional progress and calibrate where and how changes can be made and clarity sought. Always, but especially now, choose your words carefully, and respond rather than react to interactions. Take heart and keep in mind that power is transitory and getting it right is more important than getting it done. Good luck, go get em’ and don’t let the bastards get you down.

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