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Geeta Jayanti or Mahotsav is celebrated every year on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha which is falling on December 3 this year. According to Hindu mythological belief, Shrimad Bhagwat Gita is a sacred scripture which was narrated by Lord Krishna himself to Arjuna. Gita is a storehouse of knowledge and is replete with learnings on different facets of life. One of these pertain to our relationships. Let us explore the wisdom Gita offers when it comes to modern day love relationships.

Love without expectations – When it comes to interpersonal interactions, expectations are the primary source of tension. Our expectations from others alter with time and experience which is a big source of stress among couples nowadays. According to Gita, love is a source of emancipation and sets us free. One must recognise that all humans have the ability to make blunders. Different individuals have a mixed bag of positive and negative traits. As a whole, they have a wide range of characteristics. One has to help individuals comprehend their unhealthy behaviours and not expect them to comprehend everything. Despite their shortcomings, a person still deserves to be loved.

Love yourself first – Nowadays, it’s common for people to put their partner’s happiness above their own. The Gita, on the other hand, stresses the significance of self-awareness and self-love in arriving to a state of tranquilly within oneself. A person’s ability to bring joy to others depends on his or her own sense of contentment. Upon reaching this point of self-awareness, nothing but pure love will exist within you. That’s the kind of love we’ll have for everyone else, too. A love like this helps one break free from their attachment to financial and emotional security.

Surrender yourself unconditionally – Many individuals experience the ups and downs of romantic relationships. Sadly, few couples have the emotional fortitude to fully let themselves be loved by another and to love them without conditions. Most modern partnerships are founded on mutual concessions. But the Gita advises that love is the key to dedication in order to reach a greater level of bliss and connectedness with your spiritual self. When you have faith, you can accomplish anything. True love inspires trust and makes it possible to open out completely to another person.

Focus on the larger goal – Love is a fiery feeling that may set things on fire or melt them away. People are understandably alarmed by the prevalence of negative emotions such as materialism, arrogance, lust, and jealousy in modern-day partnerships. If we let our anger control our actions, we will never achieve our goals, will never have stronger relationships, and will always be bitter about life. If these emotions are allowed to fester in an intimate relationship, it might lead to its dissolution. Rather, we need to train ourselves to be empathetic and take the other person’s point of view into account. Avoid missing the forest for the trees.

Win over each other by being your true self – Peace and contentment within oneself are the results of self-awareness and self-love. To make a loved one happy, it’s common to put on a false persona. The Gita, on the other hand, argues that one should always choose love. To win over others, it is necessary for them to realise that we need to stop harbouring such negative feelings and instead focus on sharing love. Everyone has an inherent and insatiable want for affection which can be fulfilled by being your true self.

Love in Action – Modern romantic relationships may involve conflicting feelings of love and hatred. The Gita states that everyone has a natural tendency toward one of three types of energy called Gunas: Sattvik, Rajasik, or Tamasik. It is widely agreed that the Sattvik way is the best. Sattvic deeds are those devoid of attachment (to either love or hatred) and anticipation. A Sattvik deed is one that is prescribed, free from attachment, done without love or hatred, and by someone who is not seeking any reward. This is the ideal state that one should aspire for in a romantic relationship.

Broaden your definition of love – Most arguments between partners focus on minor matters rather than the bigger picture. The lessons of the Gita encourage us to expand our conception of what it is to love one another. Unselfish love frees us from stress and opens doors to a fulfilling existence. The Gita encourages us to put ourselves in the shoes of others. When we love, we treat people how we would like to be treated. When you put the other person first, love becomes effortless and life becomes more pleasant.


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