7 Bad Synastry Aspects That Mean You’re Not Meant To Be

Sometimes, astrology can be a good indicator of compatibility.

Synastry and composite charts can give us a little glimpse into the good and bad of a relationship. These charts can show how compatible two people are in a relationship and whether their passion will be fueled for the longevity of the relationship or if that flame will fizzle out.

There are certain synastry aspects that are considered red flags for long-term relationships.

Bad synastry aspects

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1. Sun-Saturn aspects

Sun and Saturn aspects are tricky. When the Sun and Saturn come together in synastry, it could make the Sun native feel uncomfortable with self-expression. Sun feels like they need permission from Saturn to do things on its own and are constantly seeking some form of approval.

While a trine aspect can denote mutual respect, squares and oppositions between these two planets will create tension and conflict. Saturn could make Sun feel constantly criticized or as if they aren’t good enough. To combat this, Sun needs to remember who they are and Saturn should tone down the expectations.

2. Venus-Pluto aspects

If you are looking for an intoxicating connection, look no further than Venus and Pluto aspects in a synastry chart. These aspects can make both parties feel like their relationship is fated and that their love is all-consuming, however, after some time it could be too much for both parties to handle.

Venus-Pluto aspects show us the good, the bad, and the ugly. Pluto will not be trusting of Venus and may instigate a fight if they suspect something. When Venus tries to pull away, Pluto will surrender to Venus but the cycle will repeat.

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