NYC announces first-of-its-kind minimum wage for app-based delivery drivers; some say it’s not enough

New York City has announced a unique minimum wage for delivery drivers on apps such as Uber Eats, Doordash, and GrubHub. 

The new wage, set at $23.82, is the first of its kind, but delivery drivers rallied outside City Hall on Monday saying the wage should be even higher.  

“$23.82 is the bare minimum of what we need,” said Joshua Wood, one of many app-based delivery drivers outside City Hall.  

Wood and other delivery drivers say that the wage does not include how much the drivers do to successfully do their jobs, citing costs that aren’t included like motorcycle insurance, license plates and vehicle fees, and other expenses.  

The drivers outside City Hall are part of Los Deliveristas Unidos, an organization that lobbies for the rights of these delivery workers.  

They are urging the city’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protections to adjust the proposal, which currently includes $19.86 for workers to pocket hourly while the remaining $2.26 is for job-related expenses – a number drivers want to see increased to $5.  

“By not accounting for these expenses, the minimum paid proposal in the city is penalizing the workers who are doing the right thing,” said Maria Figueroa, dean of labor studies at SUNY Empire State College.  

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protections made its calculations based on those who use e-bikes, but some drivers use motorbikes, which they say helps for longer-distance deliveries.  

With temperatures dropping citywide, drivers are worried about winter gear and staying warm bringing additional costs to their line of work.  

The department says it’s accepting comments from the public on this wage proposal until Dec. 16, when it will hold a public hearing. 

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